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About US

We are Neal and Thuy, partners in life and business.

We’re passionate about what we do and what we do is create incredible memories for our clients! We both have been in the wedding business for years. We actually met at a wedding back in 2015! We were both working hard and barely paid attention to each other. It wasn’t until we met up again at yet another wedding two months later when the sparks started flying. We’ve been inseparable ever since!

When I say we’re inseparable, we truly are. We live together, work from home together, work out together, any when the stars align we also get to shoot weddings together. Life is never boring when you get to spend time with your best friends.

When we’re not working we love to travel! What we love about shooting weddings is that it’s so seasonal which gives us plenty of time in the off-season to explore. We absolutely look and act like a tourist everywhere we go because we get so excited about everything. Neal loves exploring the landscape and Thuy loves to explore the cuisine. We can’t help but take photos and video of everything. We just can’t leave the cameras at home! If you want to follow our travels, definitely check out Neal’s Vimeo page for our travel videos!

Our Other Obsession

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We can’t talk about ourselves without mentioning our cat Soba Noodles!!

We are 110% obsessed with him! He makes our house a home.

If you want to follow all of his adventures or want a daily dose of cuteness, check out his Instagram account @sobathecat